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What is orthostatic hypotension?

It happens to a lot of people. You get up quickly from sitting or lying down and feel dizzy or lightheaded.

The Lakewood CCL medical team, serving The Villages, Leesburg, Wildwood and areas throughout Lake County, Sumter County and Marion County, may diagnose this condition as orthostatic hypotension, also called “postural hypotension.” 

Orthostatic hypotension is a drop in blood pressure that may be caused by a lack of fluid in your arteries which can happen if you lose blood or do not have enough fluids in your body. 

It can also be caused if your heart does not pump enough blood or if the nerves and hormones in your body that control the blood vessels are not working correctly.

Sometimes, certain medications can cause this condition. 

If these episodes of dizziness or feeling as if you will pass out happen frequently, you should see your Lakewood CCL cardiologist. The specialist can conduct a few tests to find out if orthostatic hypotension is causing your symptoms. 

How is this condition treated?

If your Lakewood CCL specialist determines that you have orthostatic hypotension, he or she will want to find out if any medicines you take are causing it. If so, they may switch you to another medicine or adjust the dosage. 

Medicines that are used to treat high blood pressure, angina, or depression are known to potentially cause orthostatic hypotension. 

Your specialist may prescribe a medicine specifically to treat the condition. 

They may likely suggest the following steps to try to reduce problems caused by orthostatic hypotension:

  • Make sure you drink enough fluids, especially in warm weather.
  • Stand up slowly, especially when you have been sitting or lying down for an extended amount of time such as when you first get out of bed in the morning.
  • Avoid strenuous activity in hot weather.
  • Avoid drinking a lot of alcohol.
  • Elevate the head of your bed so that your head is raised slightly above your heart.