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What is a vein ablation? 

Normally, blood travels from the heart to the legs by arteries and back to the heart through veins. If the vein is diseased, the blood might not flow properly through it. In some cases, patients might experience swelling, pain or discomfort in the legs due to vein disease.

If other simpler treatments don’t help, your Lakewood CCL cardiologist may recommend that you have vein ablation to seal up or remove the diseased vein. The blood that normally would flow through that vein would find another route to the heart.

The specialist may offer a few ways to do the vein ablation:

Using nonthermal ablation, the doctor injects a wire, chemical or glue, or a combination of these into the diseased vein. This causes the vein to collapse. It will stay in place but no longer can carry blood. Nonthermal ablation is done at the Lakewood CCL Surgery Center with local anesthesia. The patient will be able to go home that day.

The cardiologist might recommend thermal ablation where a thin catheter is inserted into the diseased vein. Using radiofrequency or lasers, the catheter heats up the vein and seals it from inside so that it no long carries blood. This procedure is done with a small incision and very little anesthesia to block the pain. 

Finally, your specialist may suggest vein litigation or stripping. This involves surgery to remove the diseases vein or veins. Patients who have this procedure must have anesthesia and can be done in the surgery center.

After a vein ablation procedure, patients are instructed to walk for several minutes, multiple times a day as well as avoid sitting or standing for too long. It is also recommended that patients avoid heavy lifting and exercise for a couple of weeks. 

Depending on the type of ablation, the Lakewood CCL Team, serving The Villages, Leesburg, Wildwood and areas throughout Lake County, Sumter County and Marion County, will recommend wearing compression stockings which put steady pressure on your leg and help prevent bruising. 

Your Lakewood CCL specialist will discuss which type of vein ablation is best for you. 

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